2_Implementation of Y-AIR

Launched in 2013, the concept of Y-AIR (AIR for Young) is an initiative that aims to create an environment granting easier access to artist-in-residencies (AIR) for art university students and young art graduates, implemented with the understanding and support of various art university professors. The concept of this initiative is being developed through collaboration between the micro-scale Youkobo Art Space and macro-scale universities of art. The initiative is expected to contribute, through trial AIR experiences for the participants, not only to the fulfillment of artists' creative activities as regular citizens, members of society and internationally-minded individuals, but also to the provision of an essential place for AIR within the education programs of art universities, thus establishing them as vessels for society.   

Y-AIR Network Website


1_London/Tokyo Y-AIR Exchange Program

This is a studio swapping program for young artists from London and Tokyo that was initiated in 2015, based on an idea conceived in collaboration with London-based artists and educators Mark Dunhill and Tamiko O'Brien who form the artist unit Dunhill and O'Brien. As a reciprocal exchange program organized between the University of the Arts London Central Saint Martins and the Associate Studio Program (ASP, started in 2013) at Acme Studios in London, and Tokyo University of the Arts and Youkobo Art Space in Tokyo, characteristic of the program is that it gives young artists who have yet to build a career the chance to experience creative production in a studio overseas. Tokyo Artists take part in the Youkobo Y-AIR Studio Program during the exchange program to production time in a shared studio, it is expected that the two selectees will gain opportunities to join critiques by invited guests, present work in exhibitions, and build communication skills through active exchange and dialogue with artists and researchers joining the Youkobo AIR program.


11194423_940765172613872_7747613547224431325_o.jpg 11182763_968468936510162_1742178506247613315_o.jpg


2019 London/Tokyo Y-AIR Exchange Program 5th Anniversary Exhibition - Ai mi Tagai
    London/Tokyo Y-AIR Exchange Program 2019
2018 London/Tokyo Y-AIR Exchange Program 2018
2017 London/Tokyo Y-AIR Exchange Program 2017
2016 Activity Report, London/Tokyo Y-AIR Exchange Program 2016
2015 Y-AIR Case Study, London/Tokyo Y-AIR Exchange Program 2015
2014 Artist in residence as opportunities and places for young artists 
    - The possibilities of Y-AIR in a trial between Tokyo and LondonReport

05.01-06.15 Gillies Adamson Semple
05.01-06.15   Yohei Chimura
06.16-07.31 Daria Blum
05.01-06.15    Alice Jacobs
05.01-06.15 Yuuki Horiuchi
06.16-07.31    Kenta Kawagoe
06.16-07.31    Tuli Litvak
05.01-06.15 Jean-Baptiste Lagadec
05.01-06.15 Mayumi Arai
06.16-07.31 Abbi Jones
06.16-07.31 Dan Isomura
05.01-06.15 Sean Lavelle
05.01-06.15 Takahashi Horiuchi
06.16-07.31 Eleanor Turnbull 
06.16-07.31 Ryunosuke Goji
05.01-06.12 Lydia Davies 
05.01-06.12 Shiori Higashiyama 
06.13-07.24 Chris Ifould
06.13-07.24 Wataru Ozu


2_ArtCamp Dispatch Program

Through cooperation between Youkobo Art Space and various research laboratories of Japan-based art universities, this experimental program dispatches students and artists to ArtCamp, an annual international summer school offering art and design courses organized by the University of west Bohemia in the city of Pilsen, Czech Republic. ArtCamp was launched in 2013 following an introduction to the organizers by the EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee. It involves international exchange through creative activities during a three-week stay in Pilsen, an experience that is regarded as a simulation of an AIR intended to challenge participants to communicate in an international setting using English. From 2015, a dispatch of artists who join ArtCamp as course teachers was also initiated. In addition, a feasibility study that evaluates the framework adopted by ArtCamp is being conducted in order to explore possibilities of future cooperative activities. For this reason, leading members of the ArtCamp administrative team were invited to Japan in 2014, while in 2015 a staff member of Youkobo Art Space was dispatched to the University of West Bohemia to undertake a one-month research internship.



2019 Y-AIR Case Study, Collaboration of AIR and Art University through 'ArtCamp'
2018 Y-AIR Case Study Collaboration of AIR and Art University through 'Art Camp'
2017 An exchange program between Czech Republic and Japan through AIR programs
2016 Y-AIR case study, ArtCamp in Pilsen, Czech Republic Japanese Participation of these four years
2015 Y-AIR case study, Japanese Participation in Czech Republic's ArtCamp
Artist in residence as opportunities and places for young artistsーThe possibilities of Y-AIR in a trial between Japan and ECoC 2015 Pilsen
2013 Japanese Participation in Czech Republic's ArtCamp

Participants: Four students from Joshibi University of Art and Design and Tokyo University of the Arts.
Course teacher: Tomoko Fukushi (Manga)
Participants: Six students from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Akita University of Art and Tokyo University of the Arts.
Course teacher: Tatsuo Inagaki (Bunjinga)
Researcher: Tomoyo Mizuya (Koganecho Area Management Center)
Participants: One student from Joshibi University of Art and Design.
Course teacher: Hiroko Matsushita (Illustration)
Participants: One artist and two students from Joshibi University of Art and Design and Akita University of Art.
Course teacher: Kazuhiro Yajima (architect/Japanese tea house in Pilsen)
Researcher :  Takahiro Oguma
Participants: Five students from Tokyo University of the Arts, Joshibi University of Art and Design, Musashino Art University,
Saitama University and Tokyo Zokei university. 
Course teacher: Kumi Machida (artist/Japanese ink drawing) 
Intern: Makiko Tsuji (Youkobo Art Space)
Participants: Four young artists and six students from Tokyo University of the Arts, Joshibi University of Art and Design, Musashino Art University, Tohoku University of Art and Design, and the University of Fukui respectively.
Participants: One student from Tokyo University of the Arts 


3_Y-AIR Artist Exchange Program, Finland and Japan

Y-AIR practices between Finland and Japan that have begun various trials to explore the possibility of AIR experience opportunities for Young artist. It started in 2017 as a Y-AIR activity centered on the Finnish side, Artbreak AIR and University of Lapland,  the Japanese side, Youkobo AIR and Tokyo University of the Arts. As a place for activities, it is based on the international art festival "Tenku Art Festival" which started in 2015 in Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture. There is a continuing exchange between Tomi-city, which is rich in nature, and Lapland in the northern part of Finland, the country of forests and lakes, through art in the background of the natural environment.  



2019 Y-AIR trial between Finland and Japan Part 3, environmental art a collaboration of AIR and Art University
2018 Y-AIR trial between Finland and Japan Part 2, A Collaboration of AIR and Art University
2017 A Collaboration between an Artist-in-Residence(AIR)and an Art University A Y-AIR trial between Finland and Japan

Laura Tahvanainen
07-10 Yuko Takahara 
09-11 Venni Ahlberg
07-10 Kamekura Chie
08-10 Tuija Teiska 
08    Erica Masuya


4_Young Basque Artists' Residency in Japan

In cooperation with the artist-in-residence (AIR) opportunity in Japan for the winner of the young artist support program "ERTIBIL BIZKAIA" of the Spanish Basque government, this program for Basque Artists began in 2018 in collaboration with Youkobo Art Space (Tokyo) and Joshibi University of Art and Design, Tokyo as a part of the Y-AIR (AIR (AIR) activities. 


Activity Report Young Basque Artist's Residency in Japan Part 2 A Collaboration of AIRs and Universities
2018 Activity Report Young Basque Artists' Residency in Japan A Collaboration of AIR and Art University


Borja Gómez Diez(Youkobo × Joshibi University)

MawaKoganecho Area Management Center) 

Maria Muriedas Diez(Youkobo × Joshibi University)

Maider Gonzalo SalcedaIzaro IeregiStudio Kura) 


5_The Youkobo - studionAme Residency Program

studionAme in Leicester city, UK was founded by two artists Yuka Namekawa and Steven Allbutt. They organize studio program for local artists and AIR program for international artists.  The exchange program between Youkobo and studionAme was started in 2019 under the Toru Namekawa residency programme. studionAme is also developing a collaboration with two universities in Leicester (De Montfort University and University of Leicester).

2019 studionAme & Youkobo Art Space - micro residency pilot collaboration-

9-11   Akira Ishiguro

10-11 Yang Chen


6_Micro and Macro Collaboration: Internship Program for Art Students

Launched in 2013, this internship program takes place at Youkobo Art Space, and is geared towards both university students of art management and those taking practice-based art courses. In addition to learning about the reality of AIR programs, by giving support to the creative activities of artists while understanding the purpose of their residencies, it is possible for participants to learn about the skills and attitude towards creative production required by professional artists. In addition, in 2015 Youkobo also created opportunities for art university students to join an internship program overseas. In this way Youkobo endeavors to develop means for learning directly in the field beyond the university campus.


-Adi Zaga(Tokyo University of the Arts|@Youkobo Art Space)
-Natsuki Kuroki(Joshibi University|@Youkobo Art Space)
-Miho Ohigashi(Joshibi University|@Youkobo Art Space)
-Sayaka Iijima (Joshibi University|@Youkobo Art Space)
-Hatsuho EndoJoshibi University|@Youkobo Art Space)
-Ryusei Akaike(Tokyo University of the Arts|@Youkobo Art Space)
-Makiko Tsuji(Joshibi University|@University of West Bohemia)
-Wataru Ozu(Tokyo University of the Arts|@Youkobo Art Space)
-Haruna Kohara(Joshibi University|@Youkobo Art Space)
-MakikoTsuji(Joshibi University|@Youkobo Art Space)
-Makiko Tsuji(@Youkobo Art Space)
-Haruka Watanabe(@Youkobo Art Space)

Global Internship Program:GIP

The Global Internship Program (GIP) was initiated in 2007 to offer practical training in art management over a six-month 
to one-year period. Until today, a total of five interns have joined the program, hailing from the Netherlands, the UK, Spain and Australia (the participant from Australia was a Japanese artist based in Melbourne). While GIP has become a cornerstone of the participants' future activities, their new ideas provide fresh impetus to Youkobo's programming and administrative structure.


7_Lecture as Y-AIR 

With the Y-AIR concept in the background, Youkobo actively seeks opportunities to consider the social function of AIR by taking advantage of opportunities for resident artists to give lectures at universities through introductions by professors in the Youkobo network, as well as opportunities for Youkobo to talk about the running of its programs. It is hoped such opportunities will also lead to the greater dissemination of AIR among new generations of artists.

For the latest information, please refer to the annual reports