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Through the running of an AIR program, Youkobo aims to establish AIR as an inseparable element of artists' creative practice, while at the same time establishing it as a vital presence within society. Pivoting its activities on the AIR program, we have four main components of the Related Activities. "AIR Exchange Program"; Youkobo also considers it has an important mission to provide domestic artists with opportunities to conduct activities overseas, and works to promote exchange through programs with international AIR, AIR management training through offering experiences of running AIR, and nurtures human resources through an internship that supports artists resident at Youkobo. "Networking"; Youkobo is also actively developing networks with AIR programs and organizations supporting AIR activities in Japan and overseas. "Community Art"; Connections with the local community are fostered through Youkobo's continuing participation in the outdoor art exhibition Trolls in the Park held in Zempukuji Park. "Research"; Youkobo continues to present research into AIR through activity reports that reveal the infinite potential for the greater dissemination of AIR and collaboration between AIR and universities of art.  Especially, Youkobo put emphasis on a existence of Microresidence and the cooperation with the network.
Since 2013, Youkobo has also developed Y-AIR concept which came out of collaboration between AIR and art universities.  In order to reflect on 30 years of AIR activities and explore the value of the Youkobo AIR program, in 2017 Youkobo launched the Youkobo Returnee Residency Program (YRRP).

For the latest information after 2016, please refer to the annual reports:

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