5_Survey / Research

After starting activities resembling those of an AIR in 1989, the first opportunity Youkobo had to undertake research into existing AIR was during a visit in 1998 to PS-1, a residence program being developed in New York. Given the new title "Youkobo Art Space" in 2001, management of Youkobo as an official AIR began and, after becoming a member of the international residency network Res Artis, fully-fledged research into AIR was initiated. In addition to arranging visits to AIR directly, in 2007 the Youkobo co-director became secretary of Res Artis, assuming responsibility for the increase in members in a dual role as membership administrator. Using this opportunity, Youkobo initiated a survey to determine the reality for existing Res Artis member institutions and the current situation of AIR around the world. 

Capitalizing on the artist network developed through this research, Youkobo has begun AIR Honto no Hanashi (meaning "honest discussion about AIR"), a series of informal discussions by artists about AIR experiences. Youkobo also organizes study sessions titled AIR Terakoya where participants can gain knowledge about various AIR activities and networks, events such as symposiums and forums arranged in collaboration with activity members that are based on the principle of face-to-face meetings, in addition to the publication of activity reports in order to spread awareness of AIR as vessels that serve society.

For the latest information, please refer to the annual reports: