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Becoming a base for the creative activities and free movement of domestic and overseas artists since 1989, the activities of Youkobo Art Space (formerly Studio Youkobo) have had increasing contact with international AIR and related organizations since becoming a member of Res Artis, a worldwide network of residencies, in 2001, coming to gain knowledge about the actual conditions of a diverse range of AIR programs existing throughout the world, in addition to the communities, cultural backgrounds and range of activities relating to them. 

While the General Meeting of Res Artis is held predominantly in the US once every two years, expectations were held among members that it would be brought to East Asia and, with the assistance of a domestic network, this was made possible in 2012 when it was held in Tokyo. While the situation in Japan is such that the activities of domestic AIR have yet to be established within society and AIR are still far from becoming vessels serving society, Youkobo aims to heighten awareness of the activities of an ongoing network of AIR. In addition, taking the opportunity presented by the hosting of the Res Artis General Meeting in Tokyo in 2012, we began a new network centered on "microresidencies", a term given to artist-run AIR that, while small in scale, are running their programs with a high level of freedom and flexibility. For more information, please refer to the section about Microresidence Network. In addition, we also place importance on building connections with international organizations that are similarly involved in the dispatch and exchange of artists, but are also enthusiastically supporting the activities of AIR. 

  • Res Artis: Became a member in 2001. Youkobo co-director Tatsuhiko Murata worked as secretary and later as vice president of Res Artist between 2006 and 2015. He is currently an honorary board member.
  • Trans Artist: Maria Tuerlings, a current fellow and former director until 2015, acted as advisor for Youkobo Art Space until 2012.
  • Microresidence Network: Youkobo is the founder, key member and the network web administrator (2012-)
  • AsiaLink: Began dispatching artists to Youkobo (2006-)

For the latest information, please refer to the annual reports:

Global Network

The largest global network of AIR with 400 centers and organizations in over 70 countries. Sharing information through its website, it holds a general meeting for members every two years, in addition to various other international face-to-face meetings.

A network aiming to investigate and make visible the broad existence of microresidencies (small-scale, artist-run, independent, grass-roots activities, etc.) both in Japan and overseas, in addition to providing a database and research reports.

Japanese Network 

common_body_banner_50airj.jpg  AIR_J
A portal/database site for AIR based in Japan. Over 40 AIR including government-funded spaces, community-based spaces, and independent microresidencies are included, and it is possible to search using keywords such as "funding", "studios", and "accommodation". Literature and articles written by domestic and overseas artists and coordinators about their experiences of AIR are also included.

A portal site supporting the "mobility and travel" of artists. It introduces domestic AIR, guest studios, share houses, homestays, and numerous other venues offering residence spaces to artists. It is possible to search the site according to your objectives, whether they are for creative production in a studio, presentation, research, or exchange.