1_AIR Exchange Program

While continuing to offer spaces and opportunities to artists who wish to stay, produce and present in Japan, Youkobo has expanded the scope of its activities to include various collaborations with international AIR in order to create opportunities for the dispatch of Japan-based artists who wish to develop their activities overseas. While it would be ideal to be able achieve a mutual balance between the number of artists accepted to the Youkobo AIR program and the numbers of participants in these exchanges, the procurement of funding for such exchanges poses a considerable challenge. To date, we have endeavored to dispatch artists to art and culture events taking place in European Capitals of Culture (ECoC), and likewise invite artists to participate in domestic events. The dispatch and exchange of artists that have been achieved take various forms, developing out of exchanges with newly-established AIR in designated ECoC cities, with AIR that former Youkobo residence artists have made connections with in their home countries following their return, or realized through information-sharing between members of AIR networks, for example.


1-1 Reciprocal Artist Exchange Program

Developing out of face-to-face exchanges between individual AIR institutions, Youkobo has begun a series of new artist exchange programs (artist exchanges with microresidencies) that are not limited to big cities but also actively include AIR activities recently seen in ECoC cities that are undergoing post-war reconstruction. Various examples can be given, each taking shape out of different circumstances but often developing naturally out of an artist's experience of staying and producing at Youkobo that grows into a continued reciprocal exchange with a partner institution.

CSM Associate Studio Programme(London)⇔Youkobo ArtSpace For details, see Y-AIR 

Y-AIR, Finland Japan AIR Exchange Program(Ii, Finland)For details, see Y-AIR

OPEN A.i.R.(Czech Republic)⇔Youkobo Art Space

2017    05-06     Nozomi Watanabe
2015 06.07-09.21 Soichiro Mihara
2015 10.14 -12.31  
Michal Cáb

-re_IMG_4941-thumb-200x132-1193.jpg  michalIMG_4862.JPGのサムネール画像

KAIR(Košice, Slovakia)⇔ Youkobo Art Space

2016   10-11 Radek Brousil
2016 10-11 Hiroe Komai

スクリーンショット 2017-01-28 11.52.16.png  15385459_1422851054681164_807135227144562133_o.jpg

2014 10-12 Boris Sirka
2014 09-11 Michiko Tsuda

boris.jpg  tsuda.jpg
2013 10-12 Manabu Kanai

2013 03-05 Juka Araikawa

2013 01-03 Erik Sille

op1.jpg  juka.jpg  sille.JPG

Kulttuurikauppila(Ii, Finland)

2016 07-09      Masami Aihara

2015            Takumi Kato

2015 04.01-06.30 Jaakko Mattila

2015 02.01-03.31   Anni Kinnunen 

2010            Yoshiko Maruyama 

2010 04.01-06.30 Jaakko Mattila

2006          Masami Aihara

INSTINC(Singapore)⇔Youkobo Art Space PROJECT 6581

2014. 01-02 Chihiro Kabata, Yuuri Kabata 
2013. 08    Aya Murakami, Kaoru Murakami
2013. 07    Yeo Shih YunJustin Lee
2013. 09    Khairullah Rahim
Ade Putra Safe 

en_kabatasister.jpg  murakamisister.jpg  sinPR201304.jpgのサムネール画像  sinPR20130702.jpg

1-2 Artist Dispatch Program

The experiences of the Youkobo co-director, who had previously created opportunities for artists to join an international sculpture symposium in which she had also participated while at the same time promoting similar opportunities in Japan to artists overseas, formed the starting point for this program. Providing support to the creative activities of artists while at the same time leading to new ideas brought about through the artists' experiences of staying and producing work in a new environment, the outcomes of artist dispatches can be regarded as positive experiences for artists that connect with the creation of a society more open to diversity. From art and culture events taking place at specific sites and for limited periods (triennales, biennales, sculpture symposiums, etc.) to special exchange programs organized by ECoC designated cities, Youkobo accepts a broad range of requests for the dispatch of Japanese artists who are given such opportunities through existing artist networks and public open calls. In addition, Youkobo is also actively working to discover and recommend artists who are autonomously developing their creative practice.

2017.   07     Hiroko Matsushita:ArtCamp(Pilsen/Czech Republic)

2016.   07     Yajima Kazuhiro :ArtCamp(Pilsen/Czech Republic)

2016.   07   Takahiro Oguma:ArtCamp(Pilsen/Czech Republic) 

2015. 07    Kumi Machida:ArtCamp(Pilsen/Czech Republic)


2014. 08-09 Kyogo Matsumoto:OPEN  A.i.R.(Pilsen/Czech Republic
2014. 07    ArtCamp(Pilsen/Czech Republic)
2014. 07    Kazuhiro Yajima, Tsuguo Yanai:Paper Object Eestival 2014 (Riga/Latvia)
2014. 07    Anne Kagioka:Kuldiga Wall Painting Workshop

matsumoto.jpg POF@youkobo-2.jpg IMG_2956.jpg

2013. 07   ArtCamp(Pilsen/Czech Republic)

2012. 10  
   Mitsumasa Kadota:Art festival Guimaraes noc noc (Portugal) 
2012.       Natsumi Sakamoto:Art Work Shop 07(Hualien/Taiwan
2012. 04-05  Masami Aihara, Ishii Takahiro:Portland Sculpture and Quarry Trust(UK)
2012. 09     Takumi Kato, Manabu Kanai, Naoki Miyasaka:World Event Young Artists2012(UK)

2009. 07-09 Rikiya Iwakuma、Mitsumasa Kadota、Toshiaki Hikosaka and Youkobo team
        (with other 11 Japanese artists including  Ay-O and 8 Lithuanian Artists):Lithuanian Exchange Exhibition
        M.K.Ciurlionis National Museum of Art, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2009. 07-08 Chihiro Kabata, Yuuri Kabata:Beijing Studio Center (Beijing/China)

2009. 12    Naoko Tamaki:Hweilan International Artists Workshop 2009Hualien/Taiwan