2016.10.01 - 2016.11.30

Radek Brousil


My work oscillates between photography, objects, and installation. I am particularly focusing on photographic equipment, thus turning my attention to the materials essential to every photographer those that are generally rendered intangible by their absence in the final shot. As such, the reality of the photograph and its assumptions are intertwined. The heightened fetishization of this embodiment of the otherwise invisible and intangible object has developed from the previous Untitled series, in which I photographed everyday objects that also lacked a material dimension due to the ordinariness they acquired over the course of time. I ordered objects, be it a chair, a curtain, or a musical instrument, into different variations following the basic rules of combinatorics, and thus created the possibility of a variety of dialogues, always in a renewed context.

In my new series The Ultimate Norm I am investigating a seemingly technical but in fact very political and universal issue about the improvement of color-photo technology: the white-skin bias nature of the technical apparatus which was developed by white-male engineers. The photo’s color balance is determined by the concentrations of different chemicals in the film, so the tone calibration of the films for the analogue photo-technology even in the 80’s was determined in favor to capture European type white skin tones and was not sensitive enough to visualize black skinned persons.The technical drawback remained unsolved even after the spread of digital technology, and only the strong demand from the industrial companies to advertise properly their different tone varied products, like chocolate and wood, forced the photo-industry to improve their research. I am trying to reflect this invisible technological racism and the visible appearance of this phenomenon of unequal treatment of human beings.

For some time now, I have been focusing on the analysis of the photographic medium. With every new series and exhibition, I tread a path through the wild jungle of questions that accompany photography.
During my residency, I intend to interconnect the work from the afore- mentioned series and to take up the basic principles of my creative thinking. I would like to research the cultural differences between Europe and Asia, focusing on the production and business strategies in the photographic industry.

Date 2016.10.01 - 2016.11.30
Place AIR-1
Website http://www.brousil.name/intro.php