In close relation to its main programs (the AIR program, gallery program, and studio program), Youkobo Art Space is also involved in the support and promotion of other AIR programs, in international exchange and community activities that utilize art, and in the nurturing of young art managers and curators.

AIR Support

Through the practical development of its programs , Youkobo is aiming to demonstrate that artist residencies form an important element in the activities of artists, and that they also have an essential role within society. For this reason, while conducting surveys and research, Youkobo is continuing to gather materials and information relating to domestic and overseas AIR programs and institutions for use by the public. We are also actively building networks through participation in the J-AIR Network Forum whose goal is to create links between AIR centers in Japan, and as a board member of Res Artis, a worldwide network of artist residencies.
In order that our materials are of practical use to a large number of artists and researchers, we are making every effort to improve our resources. We welcome information about open calls for artist residencies and we would like to hear about artists’ experiences of residencies. In the ‘artist lounge’ located next to the gallery, visitors are able to browse the materials we have gathered to date. We ask those wanting to use the materials to make an appointment beforehand. The artist lounge also functions as a place where resident artists, visitors, and local residents can meet and exchange.

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Community Projects

Every year in spring and autumn, the open air art exhibition ‘Trolls in the Park’ is held in Zempukuji Metropolitan Park. In autumn, artists gather from Japan and abroad to consider the relationship between art and public through the creation and display of new work. In spring, artists and children of the neighboring elementary school collaborate to create work also shown in the park. Besides this exhibition, the children have the chance to see the work presented in autumn and interact with the artists in a special art class.
There are also a variety of other artist-led workshops such as ‘art kids’ which continue throughout the year with the cooperation of the school.

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Global Internship Program

(Currently the program is temporarily suspended.)

Since its new establishment in 2001, Youkobo Art Space has welcomed over 150 international artists to its Artist in Residence (AIR) program in metropolitan Tokyo, providing unique opportunities for exchange and collaboration with local residents and Japanese artists. Inspired by the successes of the past ten years, we aim to further internationalize our activities. Specifically, Youkobo intends to become an interactive center in Tokyo for both foreign and domestic artists, offering them valuable opportunities to develop their work and expand their experience.
To accomplish this goal, Youkobo is developing a Global Internship Program (GIP), to be run concurrently with and to assist in supporting its AIR program. The GIP is intended to give gifted young curators and art managers a chance for hands-on experience in all aspects of art management. We are currently seeking internationally-minded individuals who share our objectives and can take the initiative in helping us develop our programs and devise innovative ways of deepening international communication via the arts, linking artists with local communities, and creating new ways of making and presenting art that both reflect and address the experience of modern, urban, multicultural society.
Please contact us directly for more information about the GIP and how to apply.

Internship Activities

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Exchange Projects

In coordination with international organizations and institutions, Youkobo organizes and manages overseas exchange exhibitions. Once plans are established, the project is developed after an organizing committee is formed.

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