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By now, Košice and whole Eastern Slovakia is one of the most fascinating regions in Europe. Not for nothing, Košice awarded the title “European Capital of Culture 2013”. During the last centuries, the whole region was influenced by many different kingdoms, countries and cultural groups and still you can feel this multicultural spirit in the city, also because of the huge Hungarian and Roma minorities and the three universities. During the socialistic time, Košice became a centre of steel industry, the population tripled within 3o years. The influence of the former socialistic times, especially in architecture and working infrastructure, still exists. During the last years, Košice, located at the Schengen border, starts a huge transformation process and will become an important cultural hub between east and west in social, political and artistic terms.

Artist in Residence

In the frame of European Capital of Culture the NGO Košice 2013 is running an international Artist-in-Residence-program for emerging artists from all over the world and out of all artistic disciplines and expressions. We give our residents the possibility to become a cultural pioneer and work in the inspire environment of Košice`s singular cultural surrounding to realize art projects, collaborate with the agile local art scene and present themselves to the local and national public.

We pursuit three main goals within the residency program:
Support the creative energy of every invited artist and give her/him the chance to work in a new and special environment to find (new) artistic ways to express.
Stimulate the art scene in Košice, in the region and in whole Slovakia. Support the dialogue as well as the confrontation of the residency artists with local artists and the wide public.
Create/strengthen a beneficial environment for the development of innovative and international contemporary art projects with international and local participants.

According to our main goals, our team will introduce every artist in the social environment of the city and the region and help them to build up networks and collaborations with local artists. We will organise public events like artist talks, projections, workshops, open studios to give all artists the chance to introduce and present themselves to a wide public. A final project/exhibition will show the working process during the stay of each artist.


展示期間:2013年03月09日(土) - 2013年03月17日(日)
エリック・シレ [スロバキア]





Juka Araikawa - Meet me in the middle

In and through her work Juka Araikawa explores relations between places and how these relations are mediated by us, individually or collectively, how they arise, subside, overlap, wash over each other and what these connections give rise to, or leave behind, in us; be they spatial (e.g. the relations between indoor and outdoor environments and how we construct them, as in her 2008 "Nordic experience" and "Bird park" paintings) or temporal, as in her current interest in places linked by journeys which underpins the work she created in Košice. In Meet me in the middle Juka Araikawa explores the ways in which journeys structure relations between places and our experiences of them: unlikely places linked together by one person's passing through them, places scattered on the wayside around our journeys and joined by them, places which unwittingly collect around us and then without warning drip into a situation in a completely different place, geographically and atmospherically removed. Juka Araikawa, a Japanese painter, educated in L.A., living in a tower-block apartment in an Eastern European city, has in this piece worked precisely with the atmosphere of remembering past places in places new, the atmosphere of the place remembered mixing in with the smell of the wall paint of the room in which she currently finds herself, past places recalled in a panelák flat, amongst the textures of the snow on her flat's balcony, its walls, the facades of the tower-blocks as she walks past them, up to them, or into them.

In Meet me in the middle, Juka Araikawa made the experience of a journey (taken literally as a movement through places, which has a definite past, present and future) also into the structuring element of her work, its axis. The work is constructed out of four pieces, connected around the central axis: three wall structures, each carrying one painting (respectively titled: "St10 K", "I'm Drunk" and "GOOD NIGHT") and one spatial structure (Untitled). That Juka Araikawa is above all a painter is evident also in her spatial installations, lending them a specific, painting-like character of flatness, of having a distinct front, and a back: constructed not so much to allow movement in a transplanted, re-created environment, a new place, but as a scenery in the flatness of which the connections between places past and current become observable.

Juliana Sokolová