Youkoubo Art Space is a privately managed and operated art institution. The Cost of using the facilities, travel and living expenses, and materials expenses are solely the responsibility of the artist. Youkobo cannot offer any form of financial support.

We accept applications for the Artists-in-Residence (AIR) program there are two annual application deadlines: June 30 (results announced in August) and December 31 (results announced in February). Other availabilities will be announced on our web site.

1. Applications to the Artist-in-Residence Program

For domestic applicants, please make an appointment with our office for an interview, so that we may speak with you directly about your plans and make our decisions accordingly.
For international applicants, please make your application via e-mail. The application form may be downloaded from our website. In addition to the form, we would like to see your CV, evidence of artistic activity, and a proposal for your stay at Youkobo.
There are no preconditions for acceptance in terms of field of artistic activity, age, nationality, etc., though there are limitations to our physical facilities.
In principle, residencies will start at the beginning of the month, check in after 1200 pm, and continue until the end of the month, check out before 1200 pm, of the period of residency. Residences may range from a minimum of one month.
All artists accepted onto the residence program will be expected to sign a contract and pay a deposit of 40,000yen within one month of their acceptance in order to confirm their residency.

・AIR A = Residence 1 & Studio 1: 160,000 yen / month
・AIR B = Studio 2 + Accommodation: 140,000 yen / month
・AIR C = Residence 2: 120,000 yen/month
・AIR G = Residence 2 + Gallery Space for Studio: 160,000 yen/month

In addition to these rental fees, the artist is expected to pay the actual cost of the utilities consumed, 27,000 yen/month
Please inquire about group application and family residency.
Fuel cost for using a stove at Studio 1 must be paid additionally.

How to Apply

Download Application Form

Please email completed application forms and supporting materials to this address:
Please note the AIR Application Form has four pages; application form, proposal, CV, and a work title and checklist.
Please make sure you have filled out all of them before returning it to Youkobo.