Now in progress! London/Tokyo Y-AIR Exchange Program 2018

Kenta Kawagoe, Yuuki Horiuchi, Alice Jacobs, Tuli Litvak [Japan, UK]

2018.05.01 - 2018.07.31

*OPEN STUDIO(exhibition):6-10 June, 2018
Launched in 2013, Y-AIR (AIR for Young) is an initiative that aims to create an environment providing art students and recent graduates with easier access to artist-in-residencies (AIR), implemented with the understanding and support of various professors of art universities. 
The initiative is based on the concept of collaboration between micro-scale Youkobo Art Space and macro-scale universities of art. The initiative is expected to contribute, through first-time experiences of AIR, not only to the participants’ creative activities as artists and their development as internationally-minded individuals of society, but also to the establishment of AIR as important societal vessels for artists within art university education.   
London/Tokyo Y-AIR Exchange Program
Reaching its fourth year since its launch in 2015, this program takes the form of a studio-swap between young artists based in London and Tokyo. The reciprocal exchange is organized between the Tokyo University of the Arts and Youkobo Art Space in Tokyo, and the London-based Associate Studio Program (ASP, started in 2013), a support program for young artists organized by University of the Arts London Central Saint Martins and Acme Studios. The program is unique in providing young artists yet to build a career with opportunities to experience creative production in a studio overseas.
Graduates from art universities face the immediate difficulty of finding practical means to sustain and develop their creative practice after leaving the supportive environment of the art institution. Aiming to support young artists who are actively pursuing their own creative practice following graduation, this program takes the form of two consecutive six-week periods of production in studios in London and Tokyo, concluding with an exhibition of work in respective cities. Pivoted on the presentation of creative activities, the program aims to encourage meaningful exchange between the participating artists and other art professionals.
Program Schedule
May 1 to July 31, 2018 (3 months)
(Part 1: May 1 to June 14, 2018| Part 2: June 15 to July 31, 2018)
・An exhibition to conclude the program will be held by the Japanese participants from August 8 to 12, 2018. 
2018 Participating Artists
Kenta Kawagoe  (Part 1: Production at Youkobo Art Space | Part 2: Production at ASP)
Yuuki Horiuchi (Part 1: Production at ASP | Part 2: Production at Youkobo Art Space)
Alie Jacobs 
(Part 1: Production at Youkobo Art Space | Part 2: Production at ASP)
Tuli Latvak (Part 1: Production at ASP | Part 2: Production at Youkobo Art Space)
CSM ・ASP(Central Saint Martins, Associate Studio Programme)
A program of support for the activities of young artists developed through collaboration between CSM and Acme Studios. As a studio support scheme for outstanding recent graduates of CSM, it provides selectees with shared studio, access to the university library, and participation in regular studio visits by art critics and artists. Established in 2013, the program consists of a shared studio for eight members, and three shared studios for twelve members, each available for two-year periods.
Date 2018.05.01 - 2018.07.31
Time 展示は7月25日-29日です! OPEN STUDIO(exhibition):25-29 July, 2018
Place Studio2, 3