Kodak over Fuji unless you want Fuji

Radek Brousil [Czech Republic]

2016.11.23 - 2016.11.27

For some time now, I have been focusing on the analysis of the photographic medium. With every new series and exhibition, I tread a path through the wild jungle of questions that accompany photography. I address the formal aspects of photographic enlargements or studio compositions. Previously as a finalist, and later as a winner of the Oskár Čepan Award 2015 my work reflected production and business strategies in the photographic industry, part of which involve the inequality of the photographic subject based on the colour of their skin.

In connection with Japanese culture and industry, I am very interested in the link between technology and humanity, about its process and development. In particular, how robotics can work together with the photographic medium, including the idea of robots themselves using cameras, eye movement sensors, etc. Another subject I’m focusing on in Japan is the make-up industry, which is totally contrary to that of Europe, as here, the cultural background pushes women to achieve lighter skin tones to fit a perfect pattern.

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Date 2016.11.23 - 2016.11.27
Time 12:00-19:00(最終日17:00まで)
Place Studio 2
Website http://www.youkobo.co.jp/air/2016/10/post-301.html


  • 11/26 Reception 18:00-