Renay Egami [Canada]

2013.07.17 - 2013.07.27

One of my research streams is on the traditions of women’s labor in Japan, and most recently, the history and culture of the Ama (sea women) pearl divers. As an artist, this is a metaphorically rich ground and point of reference that has provided a framework to structure new forms and conceptual considerations.

At the Youkobo Art Space I have produced an installation, the first in an upcoming series, which bridges my interest in the aesthetics of remembrance and the Ama pearl divers against the backdrop of a personal narrative.


Date 2013.07.17 - 2013.07.27
Time 12:00-19:00 (Last day till 17:00)
Place Studio 2


  • Opening Party:July 20,Saturday,17:00-, Artist talk 18:00