Robotic Love Project6581 Part1

Justin Lee & Shih Yun Yeo [Singapore]

2013.07.17 - 2013.07.21

Project6581 is a collaboration of two microresidencies INSTINC and Youkobo Art Space, tying together the local and the global. Gaining its name from the phone codes of Japan and Singapore this project involves the exchange of 4 artists from each country in a collaborative residence program, which while bringing focus to issues of identity brings about a questioning of the position of each artist and their local context. As the first in this series of exchanges Justin Lee and Shih Yun Yeo have taken up residence at Youkobo and in this exhibition present the results of their 1month stay.

Date 2013.07.17 - 2013.07.21
Time 12:00-19:00 (Last day till 17:00)
Place ギャラリー