Youkobo PLUS: Returning from the Mountains of India

Sohei Iwata, Hiroyuki Oki [JAPAN]

2013.07.03 - 2013.07.14

Youkobo Art Space is pleased to announce the launch of a new support program for individual artists and artist groups in the presentation of new and experimental work in the form of “Youkobo PLUS” providing a platform for the promotion of the challenging new expressions of artists who are to determined to explore through art the very grounds of our society, pointing towards the importance of art engagement beyond the art market. In the very first exhibition of this program Youkobo is excited to present the work of art group Prominority (headed by Sohei Iwata), a group which continues to develop a sustainable art project with the Santal people of East India, which includes the construction of various necessary resources such as water tower and library for a rural village.

The Santal people incorporated art, music and creative expression into their everyday lives without question, and living amongst them brings one, according to Iwata, to question the very purpose by which an artist makes art work. While grappling with this dilemma Iwata offers up one solution or approach in connecting the community of these ethnic minority with contemporary art. In this exhibition prominority presents the outputs of this undertaking through a series of maquettes (produced by Iwata) and a documentary video (produced by Hiroyuki Oki).

Organizer:Youkobo Art Space
Support:Asahi Art Festival 2013

Press Release

Date 2013.07.03 - 2013.07.14
Time 12:00-19:00 (Last day till 17:00)
Place Gallery