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David Brognon & Stéphanie Rollin [Belgium/Luxembourg]

2013.06.22 - 2013.06.27

These new works, inspired by a series of visits to the area of San'ya, confirm an interest in characters who sit outside the "centre".
The effective dialectic of the minimal and existential at work in our pieces enhances that which is seemingly minor, vulnerable and often neglected.

With support from
Ayame Clinc

Youkobo_Catalog_2013_05_David_Brognon &Stéphanie_Rollin.pdf

Date 2013.06.22 - 2013.06.27
Time 12:00-19:00 (Last day till 17:00)
Place Gallery
Website http://www.the-plug.be/


  • June 22, Opening party 17:00- Artist talk 18:00