Lottery exhibition - Ai Mi Tagai 2021

Alice Jacobs・Anais Comer・Daria Blum・Eleanor Turnbull・Ryunosuke Goji・Gillies Adamson Semple・Takashi Horiuchi・Yuuki Horiuchi・Kenta Kawagoe・O JUN・Tuli Litvak・Youhei Watanabe [UK, JP ]

2021.04.17 - 2021.04.25

From Saturday, April 17th to Sunday, April 25th, "Lottery exhibition --Ai Mi Tagai 2021" will be held at Youkobo Art Space. This exhibition is a special exhibition held by volunteer artist members of LTYE consisting of Japanese and English.

In 2019, the London-Tokyo Y-AIR Program (LTYE) celebrated its 5th anniversary, and the "Ai Mi Tagai" exhibition was held in Tokyo as a summary. The LTYE project has been ongoing since 2015 as part of the Exchange AIR program for young artists called " Y-AIR, AIR for Young". In 2020, the London version of the "Ai Mi Tagai" exhibition was scheduled to be held at the CSM, the University of the Arts London gallery, but it was virtually canceled by COVID-19. This project is an exhibition planned to confront and respond to this era of infectious diseases again in response to the cancellation of the planned exhibition.

Twelve Japanese and English artists will participate in this exhibition.
First, one person, the "installer," is selected by lottery. Instead of exhibiting their own works, the selected installer decides the arrangement from the works of each artist and composes the exhibition.

In a normal group exhibition, each artist discusses with each other, or a curator in a privileged position decides the composition of the exhibition. However, in this exhibition, the installer, who happens to be assigned the role, constructs the exhibition with his own interpretation, without each artist showing or interacting with the exhibition method suitable for his own work when arranging (installing). The installer's own sensibility or hobby may also intervene there. Therefore, the scenery of this exhibition will be significantly different due to the accidental result of drawing lots.

Consensus building without dialogue or majority voting was done by the democratic government of Athens in the olden days. There, judicial and administrative participants were selected by lottery.

Each artist who participates in this exhibition will leave the work to the judgment of another person who was chosen by chance. Just like watching an actual exhibition, imagining the appearance of a possible exhibition is also a theme to be experimented with in this exhibition.

Youkobo Art Space is open to LTYE artists for 3 months from April to June. This exhibition is the first public exhibition of a project planned during the period.

Date 2021.04.17 - 2021.04.25
Time 13:00-18:00
Place Building -1(1号館), Youkobo Art Space