House of My Emotion

Rin Takahashi, Mariana Kameta, Xiaotai Cao  [Japan, Mexico,China]

2021.03.25 - 2021.03.29

The exhibition by three students from Japan, Mexico, and China, selected by the Department of Global Art Practice (GAP) at Tokyo University of the Arts. The exhibition will be held two parts 1st Part : March 4(Thu)-8(Mon), 2nd Part : March 25(Thu)-29(Mon)
This is the support program for young artists in collaboration with Tokyo University of the Arts GAP and Youkobo Art Space.

Date 2021.03.25 - 2021.03.29
Time 11:00-17:00
Place Youkobo Art Space


  • Talk event : On Friday 26 March at 19:00