Bart Benschop, Leontine Lieffering [Netherlands]

2012.06.20 - 2012.06.24

This exhibition will present the result of 3-month studio residency by the Dutch artists, Leontine Lieffering and Bart Benschop.

During the residency in Tokyo, Leontine has investigated buildings in different states of construction, restoration or demolition through taking photographs, making notes and drawings, aiming to freeze parts of the experience of a ‘ongoing movement’ and provide a space in which aspects that normally would be overlooked could surface, taking seeming insignificant elements of flux in order to give it meaning. Bart has intended to create an image of his perception of the Tokyo metropolis and its rural surroundings. Coming from the landscape in the suburban area, the edges of the city, and to spread over the highway that crosses the city. Time over time rewind the film and add a layer of images over the previous film layer.

Leontine Lieffering
Bart Benschop



Date 2012.06.20 - 2012.06.24
Time 12:00-19:00
Place Studio1


  • Opening Reception on 20 June Wednesday from 19:00 (Musician Marcos Fernandes will play in improvising with Bart's video work.)