Naoki Miyasaka [Japan]

2012.06.02 - 2012.06.10

Naoki Miyasaka, who does “not undertake work as an expression but more as a research into the structure of modeling”, treat space as an outer environment which the subject perceives and interacts with. Up until now he has realized numerous exhibitions upon this theme. Selected solo Exhibitions 2010 NIJINSKI Brussels and group exhibitions are SOUCE Factory in Tokyo (2011), and Embassy of Japan Culture Information Centre in Brussels (2010).

Artist statement
“This exhibition is not designed as the presentationof art work as expression. But through the positioning of the work, I wish tocreate a platform which reflects my research in relation to space and creation.”

Date 2012.06.02 - 2012.06.10
Time 12::00-19:00 (Mondays and Tuesdays closed Lastday until 17:00)
Place ギャラリー