2019.06.16 - 2019.07.31

Yohei Chimura

Artist Profile

Born 1984 in Chiba prefecture, Japan. Studied Metal Casting at Tokyo University of the Arts. He also studied Glass Arts at Toyama City Institute of Glass (Japan) and at Pilchuck Glass School in USA before receiving a PhD in Glass Art from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2015. Through sculpture, installation and performance, his work expresses the preservation and release of forms that transcend humanity. Recent shows include solo exhibition ≠ the world, Chiba City Foundation (Chiba, Japan / 2019) and NGI #1, Toyama City (Toyama, Japan).

Residence Plan

First of all, there is the complete detachment from crafting materials. I imagine this to be the first step in discovering something new inside me.I think that this is a good chance to think about developing works made by heating and shaping everyday products with a heat gun, which I have already been putting into practice, and also about other approaches.
Piece A, which I exhibited this year, was produced by rolling a tire that I had made from glass along a road, and I feel that this idea presents potential. In part, it also refers to the flow of energy, one of the meanings of “heat”, which I have taken as my concept. Works that are produced by something moving, or works that are produced by exchanging something, are dimly visible in my head right now.

Date 2019.06.16 - 2019.07.31
Place 5/1-6/14 Associate Studio Program, CSM, London|6/15-7/31 studio-2, Youkobo, Tokyo
Website http://yoheichimura.secret.jp
Website http://www.youkobo.co.jp/exhibition_events/2019/06/ai-mi-tagai.html