2020.04.19 - 2020.04.19

Youkobo Studio Program

1_Studio Program

2005/2006  studio ZOU (Mitsumasa Kadota, Yoko Hiramaru, Yutaka Yasuda)
2007     Nu Amu Misin?(Yoshiko Yui, Kazuhiro Iwasaki, Kaoru Nago)
2008     Fumiko Kobayashi
2008/2009  Maeko Sato
2009      Nu Amu Misin?
2010     O JUN, Utako Shindo, Chihiro Kabata
2011     Chihiro Kabata, Yuuri Kabata
2017      Unit Prize of the GAP, TUA(Lillian Canright, Misako Tago, Yukari Sakata)
2018      Unit Prize of the GAP, TUA(Chiaki Haibara, Yusuke Muroi)
2019      Unit Prize of the GAP, TUA(Cho Hyunjoo, Ryo Yamaguchi)

2_Youkobo Y-AIR Studio Program

This program was initiated in 2016, based on the Y-AIR concept. As a collaborative venture between AIR and art universities, the program is focused on the support of recent art university graduates, providing two Tokyo-based artists with six months of studio time at Youkobo to carry out self-directed activities. During this period, in addition to production time in a shared studio, it is expected that the two selectees will gain opportunities to join critiques by invited guests, present work in exhibitions, and build communication skills through active exchange and dialogue with artists and researchers joining the Youkobo AIR program. Also included in the scheme is the opportunity to produce and present work during a six-week stay in London at the studios of the Associate Studio Program run by Central Saint Martins, the partner institution of the Youkobo Y-AIR Studio Program.

The program took place for three months between May and July.
Yohei Chimura(residence period in London: May/June)

The program took place for four months between May and August.
Yuuki Horiuchi(residence period in London: May/June)
Kenta Kawagoe (residence period in London: June/July)

The program took place for five months between May and September.
Mayumi Arai(residence period in London: May/June)
Dan Isomura(residence period in London: June/July) 

The program took place for six months between April and September.
Takahashi Horiuchi(residence period in London: May/June)
Ryunosuke Goji (residence period in London: June/July)

Date 2020.04.19 - 2020.04.19
Place Youkobo Studios
Website http://www.youkobo.co.jp/y-air/archive.html
Website http://www.youkobo.co.jp/y-air/2016/04/what-is-ysp.html
Website http://www.youkobo.co.jp/en/y-air/2016/04/what-is-ysp.html