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マイクロレジデンス・アーカイブ・ライブラリ  Micro Archive Library

10/4 (Thur) - 11/23 (Fri)   @ Lounge Space    Hours: 12:00-19:00 (Last day till 17:00)


Across the microresidency special program period, Micro Archive Library is open to the public. Providing information on  overall the 31* microresidencies from around the world, this archive collates valuable resources on various different programs available for visitors to freely peruse. Please make a visit.

参加機関 participating organizations


Caravansarai - Istanbul, Turkey http://www.caravansarai.info/

HomeBase - Berlin, Germany - Tel Aviv, Israel http://www.homebaseproject.org/

Art Break - Ii, Finland http://www.taidepaussi.fi/in-english/

KulttuuriKauppila - Ii, Finland http://www.kulttuurikauppila.fi/

Acoss - Yerevan , Armenia http://www.acoss.org/

GeoAIR - Tbilisi , Georgia http://geoair.blogspot.jp/

Portland Sculpture and Quarry Trust - Portland, UK http://learningstone.org/

Medeaelectronique - Athens/Koumaria, Greece http://www.medeaelectronique.com/

Balkankult - http://www.artistresidencyserbia.org/activities.php

Bridge Guard Residential Art / Science Centre in Štúrovo - Slovakia http://www.bridgeguard.org/

Blumen - Leipzig, Germany http://www.residence-blumen.de/


Youkobo Art Space - Tokyo, Japan http://www.youkobo.co.jp/

XYZ - Tokyo, Japan http://xyzcollective.org

Studio KURA - Fukuoka, Japan http://www.studiokura.info/

AIRY - Yamanashi, Japan http://air-y.net/

Kyoto Machiya - Kyoto Japan http://www.japansecultuur.nl/index.php/ja/nichiranbunka/kyoto-machiya

Artist in Residence Sakuragawa, Iwase Rock Museum - Ibaraki, Japan http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~tq3m-asg/

Ishiwata Residence - Yokohama, Japan http://homestay.mariishiwata.com/

Ne'na - Chiang Mai, Thailand http://www.nena-artspace.org/

New Zero Art Space - Yangon, Myanmar http://www.newzeroartspace.com

INSTINCT - Singapore http://www.instinc.com

Nhasan Studio - Hanoi, Vietnam http://www.nhasanstudio.org/

Zero Station - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam http://www.zerostationvn.org/

Lost Generation - Kulua Lumpur, Malaysia http://lostgenerationspace.blogspot.jp

North America

Perte de Signal - Quebec, Canada http://perte-de-signal.org/

Central/South America

Arquetopia - Mexico http://www.arquetopia.org/

Residencia en la Terre - Montenegro, Quindío, Colombia


Big Ci - Bilpin, Australia http://bigci.org/

Imagine Residency - Australia http://www.artinmotion.com.au/residency.html

Serial Space - Sydney Australia http://serialspace.org/

New Pacific Studios - New Zealand http://www.newpacificstudio.org/