30 October / Microresidence Directors Talk




参加:無料・予約制(30名) [*予約受け付けは終了致しました]


第一部:ディレクターズ・トーク  (14:00 - 16:00)


第二部: ラウンド・テーブル・ディスカッション (16:30 - 18:00)


参加予定:ジュリ―・アップメイヤー(Caravansarai、イスタンブール)、フランシスコ・ゲバラ(Arequetopia、メキシコ)、アナト・リトウィン(HomeBase、ベルリン他)、ラエ・ボロティン(Big Ci、オーストラリア)、エイ・コ―(New Zero Art Space、ミャンマー)、アンティ・イロネン(Art Break、フィンランド)、マリ・マウヌKulttuuriKauppila、フィンランド)、松崎宏史(Studio Kura、福岡)ジェイ・コ―(アーティスト、キュレーター)、原田真千子(インディペンデント・キュレーター)、村田達彦・弘子(遊工房アートスペース、東京)他

Microresidence Directors' Talk

"Why Micro? Questioning the Macro Potentials of Microresidencies"

Date/Time: October 30 (Tue) 2012, 14:00-18:00

Venue: Youkobo Art Space

Participation: Free (limited to 30 ) RSVP via info@youkobo.co.jp (*Reservations are now closed)

What range of microresidencies may we discover across the world and what macro possibilities do they hold? When observing through the eyes of microresidencies we may uncover a new direction for artist-in-residencies and their future development. In this symposium various microresidence directors and associates gather together to analyze the importance of microresidencies within the world of art and wider society while debating their future potentials and models of sustainability in a form of round table discussion where both invited speakers and audience members may freely share their views.

Part 1: Directors' Talk (14:00-16:00)

In this session 7 directors of microresidencies from around the world will gather to share the particular characteristics and social context of their residence, the future challenges they must tackle and previous mistakes they have encountered and while providing a diverse range of examples of microresidencies they will also extend the appeal of this particular form of AIR.

Part 2: Round Table Discussion (16:30-18:00)

Gathering the speakers, domestic and international residence associates and funding organizations, as well as artists the group will engage in an open exchange of opinions debating such issues as the various models of microresidencies, from the standpoint of both owner and coordinator, the social significance of the presence of microresdencies, the daily engagements and struggles microresidencies are involved in and the merits of artist-run residencies, finally leading to a discussion as to how the various participants might come together to provide mutual support for their future development.

Participants: Julie Upmeyer (Caravansarai, Istanbul), Francisco Guevara (Arquetopia, Mexico), Anat Litwin (HomeBase, Berlin, Tel Aviv etc.), Rae Bolotin (Big Ci, Australia), Aye Ko (New Zero Space, Myanmar), Antti Ylonen (Art Break, Finland), Mri Maunu (KulttuuriKauppila, Finland), Hirohumi Matsuzaki (Studio Kura, Fukuoka), Jay Koh (artist, curator, art space initiator), Machiko Harada (independent curator), Tatsuhiko and Hiroko Murata (Youkobo Art Space) + others