Youkobo Art Space [Japan]

2022.04.21 - 2022.06.30


・ Studio program April-July 2022: Ryunosuke Goji is working in the studio.
・ Residence program July-Augus 2022: Daniel Llaria, two months residency.

The program, which started by Youkobo in 2018, had been suspended in Corona after two years of continuation, but preparations for reopening in the summer of 2022 have begun.
Among the Ertibil Bizkaiya award, the support program for young artists of the Basque Local Government, the winning artists of it welcome to Japan by some of micro-residences in Japan.
Those who are scheduled to visit Japan in 2020 and 21 were postponed due to the corona disaster, and in 2022, six young artists will be coming to each AIR of Youkobo and JOSHIBI, Tokyo, Koganecho, Yokohama and Paradise, Matsudo.

Date 2022.04.21 - 2022.06.30
Time 00
Place youkobo art space