The empty shape of pleasure

Borja Gomez Diez [Basque, Spain ]

2019.08.24 - 2019.08.28

Through partnership with the Cultural Department of Bizkaia Regional Government, Spain, Youkobo has initiated activities to host winners of Ertibil Bizkaia, a funding program that aims to support emerging young artists of the Basque Country, Spain since 2018. As part of the activities of AIRs and Art Universities' collaborative programs "Y-AIR (AIR forr young)" and the Microresidence Network, we hada a collation program between Youkobo adn Studio Kura in 2018. In 2019, residency program and exchange was held at Youkobo and Koganecho AIR in Yokohama.

Borja Gomez Diez, winner of the award, undertakes a 2-month residency at Youkobo. During the first half of the residency, participated in Y-AIR collaborative activities between Hinuma Lab., Joshibi University of Art and Design and Youkobo, and held an open studio alongside creation work at co-ume lab. The second half continued creative works and held exhibition at Youkobo Studio. 

Y-AIR Mini Forum
8 August 16:00-18:00

(Reservation required)

Mawa's Open Studio in Koganecho AIR

Date: 23 - 25 August 13:00-18:00 *first day from 15:00-
Venue: Kogane Studio D

Date 2019.08.24 - 2019.08.28
Time 12:00-19:00
Place Studio-1