Wasting Time in Tokyo.

Kalisolaite Uhila [Born in Tonga, living in New Zealand]

2018.11.03 - 2018.11.23

Through my conversations I will draw on the histories and parallels between Japan and the Pacific - which will lead to a new body work as part of my exploration of the concept Maumau-taimi: Wasting time.

Tongan born Kalisolaite Uhila’s innovative visual art uses metaphor to express ideas and provoke audience introspection. His experiential performances have involved living rough on the streets of Auckland for three months, and living as a pig in a crate, as well as conducting the waves of the Pacific Ocean from its shore. Through his work he explores cultural, social and political themes such as urban homelessness, and how the ocean can connect people from distant, disparate nations. He has also examined how traditional Tongan notions of the relationship between people and sacred animals, like pigs, intersect with Western ideas. He provokes and challenges audiences to confront prejudices in order to understand works that oscillate between Tongan and Western notions of self, space and time.

※This exhibition is a related event of the open-air art exhibition Trolls in the Park 2018.

Date 2018.11.03 - 2018.11.23
Time 月火休廊 Mon & Tues Closed|12:00-19:00 最終日のみ17:00までLast day till 17:00
Place Studio 1
Website http://www.youkobo.co.jp/


  • 11/10 (sat) Talk event*:16:00-18:00、Reception 18:00-21:00 *Talk event : Reservations required. Please send an e-mail to Youkobo, including your name. (limited to 10 persons) info@youkobo.co.jp
  • 11/11 Performance at the Trolls in the Park (10:00-16:00)
  • 11/17 Performance at Youkobo Art Space(18:00-21:00)