The world in between

Miki Ukai [Japan]

2018.11.03 - 2018.11.23

I arrange film-formed latex to separate the space. The amber color of the latex changes to umber slowly with time. Is that somebody other than myself or soft autumn light from the window to be seen through the screen? Touching amber color obstruct the view, it slightly swings.

Born in Tokyo,1968. 1994 Graduated M.B.A.of the Tokyo University of the Arts. I have made an installation mainly using latex (liquid rubber). Spreading the latex in a thin film shape and placing it so as to block visibility and behavior. Meanwhile, I have developed also an installation that pours water in glass containers. Filling water to a convex on surface tension in the glass containers. Arranging countless numbers of the glass containers on the floor so as to prevent walking. 1996 'ART TODAY "Hinagata "- This is not a contemporary art ' at Saison Contemporary Art Museum, 2000 " Miki Ukai restless ? restful " at Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, 2005 " Miki Ukai + Kazumi Tsuji - Fragment of Light - " at Gunma Museum of Art Tatebayashi and others.

※This exhibition is a related event of the open-air art exhibition Trolls in the Park 2018.

Date 2018.11.03 - 2018.11.23
Time 月火休廊 Mon & Tues Closed|12:00-19:00 最終日のみ17:00までLast day till 17:00
Place Studio 3


  • 11/10 (sat) Talk event*:16:00-18:00、Reception 18:00-21:00 *Talk event : Reservations required. Please send an e-mail to Youkobo, including your name. (limited to 10 persons)