Talk Event: 100 years since Finnish Civil War

Anneli Kanto [Finland ]

2018.03.25 - 2018.03.25

100 years ago, from February to May in 1918, a civil war took place in Finland. The Reds, who represented the workers and landless peasants, fought against the Whites, who represented the land-owning farmers and bourgeoisie. The war lasted only three months but it had long consequences that can still be seen today. It was a cruel war, where most of the deaths occurred after the battle itself, when reds died of hunger on concentration camps or were shot without mercy. Annelie Kanto will be giving an introduction to this important event in the history of Finland, about which she has written in some of her fictional works.

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Date 2018.03.25 - 2018.03.25
Time 16:00-17:00
Place Lounge @ Youkobo