Artwork to Describe Each Other's Work

Chiaki Haibara, Yusuke Muroi [Japan]

2018.03.21 - 2018.03.25

Haibara has been influenced by allegory and metaphor of classical Western art, and through examining people’s reaction to narratives and symbolism, she has explored her interest in people’s process of understanding history (community) and societal systems that control them. On the other hand, Muroi has been influenced by graffiti on the street and has shaped his ideas using landscapes and readymades. He is interested in outsider art as a way of thinking that affirms what exists outside the field of Art.

This exhibition brings together two completely different directions, and the artists have attempted to describe each other's work or practice through creating artwork. A new idea of collaboration may emerge when two artists of the same generation address each other’s work.

Global Art Practice (GAP) in the Tokyo University of the Arts is a graduate program, dedicated to fostering future leading artists with a global focus on social practice in contemporary art.
We are proud to present a two- person exhibition at Youkobo Art Space organized by students who excelled in the inaugural year of this program.

Date 2018.03.21 - 2018.03.25
Time 12:00-19:00
Place Studio 3


  • Reception:21 March, 18:00-20:00