Calum F. Kerr & Miyuki Kasahara [UK、Japan]

2018.04.13 - 2018.04.13

Calum & Miyuki will be mapping their research journeys in Japan through films, objects and sound. In 2017 Calum took recordings at the Aonodomon tunnel in Kyushu which was chiselled through the Yabakei Gorge by 18th Century Monk, Zenkai. In 2018 he has explored the Asakusa district where Zenkai was born and continued to develop his ‘Calum’s Road to Aonodomon’ project. Miyuki’s research includes the hidden history of Suginami-ku where the large petition campaign against the Atomic and Hydrogen Bomb started in 1954. During the residency Miyuki and Calum are visiting the Yonomori cherry blossoms located in Tomioka town, Fukushima. Last year the blossom tunnel was lit for 16 days from 1 April welcoming visitors for the first time since 2011. In reality, although the length of the tunnel is 2.2km long, only 300 metres can be entered due to the high dose of radiation nearby.

Date 2018.04.13 - 2018.04.13
Time 14:00-19:00
Place Studio2