0m.0 [ omniadversus momentum 0 ] artistic research by Sílvia Pereira

Sílvia Pereira [Portugal]

2015.04.24 - 2015.04.26

‘OMNIADVERSUS self-actualizing the subject’ is an ongoing project that develops an artistic research focusing on the construction of identity, the interdependence between subject and object as artistic values and the formation of artistic subjecthoods. OMNIADVERSUS launches several artistic-personae, or immersive heteronyms, which develop distinct lines of investigation resulting in individual bodies of work, creating their own identity through immersive performance with existential contours. It is through being-in-the-world that each artist, evolving in an autonomous way and independent of each other, create their own discourse with different artistic approaches. OMNIADVERSUS proposes insights on the construction of the self through specific social approaches, aiming to cast the self as the art piece within a certain prism and cultural environment. It conceives life trajectories as the artistic object per se, living-as-form, with their inevitable processes of growth and decay, deconstruction/re-construction, unveiling the possibility of ‘being-zero’ as an excellent source of the art medium.

This inter-disciplinarian body of work is operated by Sílvia Pereira, currently based in Germany, Iceland and Portugal. She is currently undertaking a post-master degree in artistic research at a.pass, Brussels and has a BA/MA degree in Fine Arts specializing in Sculptural Behaviors, from the University of Barcelona. OMNIADVERSUS is her ongoing main artistic practice and research, through which she pursues a constant self-actualization of the subject, by personifying multiple identity orientations. Positioning herself in specific cultural circuits and incurring in a local dérive, has become quite determinant and crucial to the development of her body of work. She has exhibited in Germany, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Australia, Japan and her films have been screened in prestigious festivals such as Festival International du Court Métrage, Clermont-Ferrand in France, In-Sonora in Madrid and FILE, Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil and the MONAFOMA Festival in Australia, amongst others.


Date 2015.04.24 - 2015.04.26
Time 14:00-19:00
Place Studio 2


  • ★Reception 4.24(Fri)18:00-