Jun O

Jun O [  ]

2015.04.11 - 2015.04.12


A semantic skin of the self.

As the sculpture-costume becomes animated by motions of the body, stylized and unpredictable meanings emerge, eventually turning the present situation into an unforeseen insightful ritual.

In the exhibition Tukap, an Ainu term for double skin, traditional and archaic rituals are recreated, actualizing their fundament through the performative characteristics of the costumes.

The costumes are inspired by the sublimity of Nipponic garments within their peculiar understructure and the symbology of the sun as a primordial animist force and as a misused national symbol.

Jun O

She is a fine artist who uses fashion as a medium, challenging the discursive limits of the wearable and undertaking research into the costume as a semantic skin of the self. The pieces are seen as organic elements, an interconnective membrane between the body, the architectural space, and life motion.

Jun O makes inquiries into the post-functionality of the costume, as a philosophical proposal to break through pre-established and obsolete aspirations of social identity, giving fundament to post-fashion as an insurgent concept to reconstruct the relationship between the self and its social desires.

Jun O sculptural-costumes are presented as performative installations.

Date 2015.04.11 - 2015.04.12
Time 11日(土)14:00-21:00まで/12日(日)14:00-19:00(パフォーマンス終了まで)
Place Studio 2


  • Opening Reception: 4.11 (Sat), 18:00 - 21:00 Performance: 4.11 (Sat), 19:00-
  • Performance: 4.12 (San), 19:00-