Anni Kinnunen [Finland]

2015.03.14 - 2015.03.29

When I work in a new place, I explore the feelings a new cultural environment awakes in me.
I make stories by using photographs, some of which are based on performance.
I use myself and common groceries as material in my works.

In this series, I have searched for the confluences of different traditions and customs.
I used Japanese iconic imagery and mixed it with my own.

The series Odd Familiar reflects the sense of being an outsider and still trying to blend in.
As humans we have this strong need to be part of something and still stand out as an individual.

This work was made during a two-month residency at Youkobo Art Space from February to March in 2015.
It was my first visit to Japan.


Date 2015.03.14 - 2015.03.29
Time 12:00-19:00(last day till 17:00)
Place Studio 1
Website http://www.annikinnunen.com


  • Opening Reception 3.20(Fri)19:00-21:00