Space Beams

Gary Silipa [New Zealand]

2014.07.19 - 2014.07.27

Gary Silipa is a visual artist from Auckland, New Zealand. He is a member of the TMD crew, a group of artists constantly pushing the boundaries of the relationship between outdoor & indoor art.

Fascinated by this relationship, Gary’s main focus the past few years has been to explore and experiment with new ideas and techniques to find where commonalities and differences intersect between his outdoor & indoor art aesthetic.

Open Studio
For his open studio show at Youkobo, Gary Silipa intends to transform Studio 2 into an environment from the future void of life and any previous existence, where memories of what was are uncovered by alien exploration and discovery.

By looking back from the future to a past which is our present, Gary creates a sense of appreciation for what we have now and challenges the viewer to imagine a future that is uncertain, and that what we have and worked so hard to build today is temporary and could all be lost tomorrow.


Date 2014.07.19 - 2014.07.27
Time 12:00-19:00 (last day until 17:00)
Place Studio2