A Philosophy of Gardens #01

Ogura Reiko [Japan]

2014.07.25 - 2014.08.10

"A Philosophy of Gardens #01" is Ogura Reiko's first exhibition of her exploration of "garden". Garden is transformed into something else in this exhibition. We encounter unknown and strange landscapes.She will introduce “Planetary Garden Series”, the first outcome of this exploration of Garden.

Ogura Reiko

Born in Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

Graduated from the Master's Degree Course in Information Design at Tama Art University, 2014.

Ogura began creating images through digital collage while she was a student. The resulting large-format photographic images propose a new image of Science and Art combined.

During the Master's course, she researched “The Analogical Structure of Artistic Expression and The Garden”. Since 2012, this theme has inspired her photographic works, and led her to create new images of “The Garden”.

Date 2014.07.25 - 2014.08.10
Time 12.00-19.00
Place Youkobo Art Space Gallery


  • Reception: 25th July, 17.00- Artist talk with Ogura Reiko and Minato Chihiro, 18.00- Opening Party