Christian Aschman [Luxembourg]

2014.04.19 - 2014.04.27

Christian is a freelance photographer living in Luxembourg and Brussels. For the residency at Youkobo Art Space in March and April 2014, residency which is supported by the Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Christian chose to work on the space "in between", the space which separates, the space which joins. The search and research of space in a collection of images taken in Tokyo in March and April 2014. His work will be shown in the Open studio at Youkobo Art Space and an exhibition will be held at the Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

A postcard found about 6 months ago in my postcard collection. This postcard showing the Keio Plaza in Shinjuju-ku, was sent to my Grand-aunt in 1981. For me it was the starting point for my introspection of the city of Tokyo.
Shortly after I found in Brussels a second postcard of the World Trade Centre in
Hamamatsu?Cho. Arriving here in Tokyo I went on with searching for more postcards and each new image were like a target. Going to these places searching and researching the point of view. Finding new points of view. Sometimes the past ones were not accessible anymore.
All those images collected during my daily visits around the city are put together in the studio in new combinations. Telling short stories in a loose and still open process. Series of the same place with slight differences of the frame and angle. Sometimes more abstract sometimes more defined. Fragments, spaces in between.

Christian Aschman
Youkobo ART SPACE, april 2014


Date 2014.04.19 - 2014.04.27
Time 12:00-19:00 (last day until 17:00)
Place Studio 1


  • Solo Exhibition : 21 april - 27 june 2014,
    saturday, Sunday and national holiday closed
    10:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00
    Opening Reception: 2014.4.18 (Fri), 18:00-
    Embassy of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg in Tokyo
    8-9, 4 Ban-cho, Chiyoda-ku,
    5mins walk from JR/Subway Ichigaya Station
  • Opening Reception (Youkobo Art Space): 2014.4.19 (Sat), 18:00 -