Amanda・Riffo [France]

2013.12.18 - 2013.12.22

SHP part II, Time Homeless Pavillon.
Riffo will present the second part of her project about space and time dimensions, through drawings, photography and other media. She is mostly influenced by digital and scientific imagery, special effects in movies from the 1960s , and her observations of social behaviour in the events of her daily life.
She is interested in japanese set design techniques, notably the colorful sets and use of painted backgrounds in Kurosawa’s movies .(cf Dodeskaden 1969, Ran 1984).
Thanks to a collaboration between Youkobo and Joshibi University of Art and Design, she was able to access documents about the art director Shinobu Muraki, who was a former graduate of Joshibi and who worked on two of Kurosawa's movies.
This exhibition will feature her spray paint art book project IT’S ABOUT TIME, inspired by several scientific lectures from scientists such as E.Klein, along with photographs taken in Tokyo, spray paint graphs, and unique objects that sit on an ambiguous line between reality and fiction.
The original artbook is a limited edition of three, conceived by hand using spray paint, normographs, and sewn binding.


Date 2013.12.18 - 2013.12.22
Time 12:00-19:00 (Last day till 17:00)
Place Studio 1


  • Artist talk:2013.12.18 6pm-
  • Reception:2013.12.18 7pm-