Bridge to the Outside

Edward Schocker [USA]

2011.05.25 - 2011.05.29

San Francisco composer/sound artist, Edward Schocker creates a sound installation in the garden of Youkobo Art Space. Using made and found objects collected over the last 10 years (glass, aluminum tubes and rods, bamboo, rocks, ice and rebar) the garden will be transfixed with sound instigated from the outside environment. Acting as a bridge between the garden and the outside elements, these unique sound objects create a heightened sense of space and situation.

Youkobo_Catalog_2011_05_Edward_Schoker .pdf

Date 2011.05.25 - 2011.05.29
Time 12::00-19:00 (Mondays and Tuesdays closed Lastday until 17:00)
Place Youkobo Garden


  • Informal performance/demonstration by Edward Schocker and guest artists - Saturday May 28th.