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Youkobo ART SPACE [Japan]

2011.04.01 - 2011.04.30

We express our sincere sorry for victims of the recent earthquake in Japan and deep respects to the efforts made to rescue those victims. From the bottom of our hearts, we pray for the speedy revival of the stricken areas.

Due to the 3.11 earthquake, our older building had minor damage which lead us to pose our usual operation and to check the earthquake-proof of our premises. We are happy to announce that we are now back to our normal operation, with an extra care to the safety.

Youkobo ART SPACE sees its 10th anniversary this year. It resulted in us facing up with the earthquake incidents in the midst of our discussion on `reflecting upon the last 10 years and thinking about the next 10 years`. We shall re-start our activities by continuously working on what we can do: to promote art, to support artists, to activate community and to create international network through art.

We will re-schedule our 10th anniversary activities which will be informed in our periodical news ‘be YOU’ shortly. It was going to be published in mid March to introduce you our 10th anniversary calendar, however, the publishing was postponed to change our schedule due to the earthquake effect. Here is the information about up-coming activities from April to June.

Gallery Program:
Sumi Kanazawa “38 Curtain” will be held from May 5 to 22 at Studio 1.
(It was originally planned to be on from April 21 at the Gallery Space.)

Residency Program:
The program will restart from June. We are currently planning to welcome Nge Lay (the participant to JENESYES Program by Japan Foundation)

Studio Program:
We are currently making adjustment to the use of Studio 2 due to the minor damage.

10th Anniversary Event:
Edward Schocker (USA) will present his new sound installation piece at Youkobo Garden from May 25 to 29.

Related Programs:
“Trolls in the park 2011-Spring Kids Exhibition” will be held from April 29 to May 5 at Momoshi Forest in Metropolitan Zempukuji Park. The participation to Trans Cultural Exchange Conference 2011, scheduled from April 7 to 10 in Boston, was cancelled.

Though there is still uncertainty to the situation, we wish all the best for everyone and hope your continuous understanding and support to our activities.

Kindest regards

Date 2011.04.01 - 2011.04.30
Time 12時-7時
Place 遊工房アートスペース
Website exb_artist_url