“I think I want to live here”

Kenji Ide [Japan]

2010.06.10 - 2010.06.27

In his new work at Youkobo, Kenji Ide will imagine living in the gallery space.
"Recently, I think a lot about moving because I don’t have a house. So when I go somewhere new, I imagine "what if I lived here?” By comparing the approach from the station, the appearance of the shopping arcade, the smells, and the atmosphere at night with that of my own life, I imagine a new lifestyle. So, how about living in Nishi Ogikubo? - By visualizing this, new ways of living are given form. I think of having a pet dog and taking it for walks; I’m sure I’ll be happy.’Kenji Ide (extract)

Date 2010.06.10 - 2010.06.27
Place Gallery open 12::00-19:00 (月・火休み 最終日は、17:00まで)