Holes in Gaps

cinematographic weavings from the Migratory Project - Michiko Tsuda and Lili range le chat [Japan and France]

2010.05.28 - 2010.05.30

By resorting to filming resources such as cell phones, webcams and GPS, the Migratory project, a collaborative project between Lili range le chat (Caroline Bernard and Damien Guichard) and Michiko Tsuda, proposes and experiments with new filmic forms that replay, distort and weave space and time. This exhibition presents documentation of the project and some experiments that have accumulated over its three-year span.

-How do you proceed with the project when faced with the problem of distance between France and Japan?
Basically via internet with email or chatting. This is fitting since we use images on the network as material. Sometimes we meet each other just for one week or so when we prepare for the exhibition.
-Why do you work together?
We have a similar attitude to the technology. With many difficulties caused by the jet lag and the difference in language, we exchange our thoughts all the more through images. So, from my point of view, to think out a way of capturing or filling holes caused by the gaps interests me.

Date 2010.05.28 - 2010.05.30
Place ギャラリー  Open:12:00‐19:00
Website http://2da.jp/


  • Presentation, Talk and Party: May 29 Sat, 2010, 18:30 - 20:00