2011.04.29 - 2011.05.05

Trolls in the Park-Children's Spring Exhibition

During the Golden Week, the annual event, Trolls in the Park-Children’s Spring Show was held at ‘Momoshi Forest’ of Zumpukuji Park. This year, Emi Otaguro, the participant to the last autumn’s Troll, worked together with the 4th grade students of Momoshi Elementary School, to express and depict visually such things and events that cannot be either comprehended nor forgotton. The Momoshi Forest was filled with ‘KININARU KI’, ‘unforgettable trees’.

Date 2011.04.29 - 2011.05.05
Place 都立善福寺公園「桃四の森」 Metropolitan Zempukuji Park 'Momoshi Forests'