2011.05.14 - 2012.02.11

Art Kids

Art Kids is a new kind of 'art workshop' for kids where children of Momoi Elementary School have the chance to experience and communicate with the world through art. Now in its tenth year, the workshops have taken many themes and forms over the years, utilising a wide range of media from music and performance, to calligraphy and handicrafts. But the core has always remained the same; that of giving children the freedom to use their own imagination. The current 'Art Kids,' organized by UK artist Jaime Humphreys, is scheduled to run until March 2012.

We are currently looking for volunteers to help with this workshop. If you have any interest, please email us at youkobo@gmail.com

Date 2011.05.14 - 2012.02.11
Place 桃井第四小学校 Momoi No.4 Elementary School