Open Talk about Artist in Residencies Vol.6

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@横浜・ 新・港区ハンマーヘッド・スタジオ(HHS

開催日時:2013.10.05() 1500-1600 


参加者:金沢寿美(アーティスト、ペンニョン島AIR20136~8月滞在)、松本恭吾(Studio Jean)、村田達彦、村田弘子、渡辺遥(遊工房アートスペース)、江間他1名(HHSアーティスト)










Open Talk About AIR - Special Edition

@ Yokohama Shin-Minatoku Hammer Head Studio (HHS)

Date: 2013.10.05(Sat) 15:00-16:00

Venue: Yokohama Shin-Minatoku Hammer Head Studio

Participants: Sumi Kanzawa(artist in residence at IAP: Baengnyeong-do Peace Arts Residency June-August), Kyogo Matsumoto (Studio Jean), Tatsuhiko Murata,Hiroko Murata, Haruka Watanabe (Youkobo Art Space) + others

This special volume of "Open Talk About AIR" examined the experiences of Sumi Kanazawa as she joined the IAP: Baengnyeong-do Peace Arts Residency, on the island of Baengnyeong, Incheon, South Korea.

This residence is run by Incheon Art Platform(IAP) and is facilitated as a cultural peace project on an island right on the edge of the 38th Parallel. Although this is the 3rd in its series of residencies, this year marked the first time to welcome artists from outside Korea. Sumi Kanzawa joined the program which also welcomed artists from UK and Germany each staying 3 months each at different stages through the year.

 Baengnyeong is set on the border with North Korea and has a population of 8000 people, half of which consists of soldiers and their families, the island being an important military base. Although is positioned in such a point of tension the immediate impression of this island is one of peace and calm. It wasn't until she was told that the sounds she had thought of as fireworks, were in fact weapons firing that Kanazawa began to be aware of the military condition of the island. As it is also a popular tourist spot for its beaches and is covered by fields it seems difficult to imagine the reality of this island.

 As part of the project "526,000 Hour Interview" held across the island Kanazawa decorated the barbed wire which encapsulates the island with 5000 fake roses, further adding roses created from old fabric by children who joined a dedicated workshop. This project marked the 526,000 hours which make up the 60 years since the Korean war. Furthermore Kanazawa also displayed posters based upon that of the Pan-European Picnic of 1989, a contributing factor in the fall of the Berlin wall. These posters were designed to compliment the rose installation, and together brought a message of peace. In total 60 artists joined this project and presented their work across two main venues.

IAP continues to call for artists for its ongoing projects and residencies.