"Open Talk About Artist in Residencies vol.2 : Micro Possibilities" *additional session*







小鷹は滞在中、ヤンゴンで開催された国際パフォーマンスアートフェスティバル「Beyond pressure」に参加しました。



Beyond Pressure Festival for Performance Art 2011121日?10




"Open Talk About Artist in Residencies vol.2 : Micro Possibilities"
"Kotaka Takuro Myanmar Performance Art Report"

 In the second day of the "Open Talk About Artist in Residencies vol.2"
program Youkobo will be hosting a discussion about microresidencies. After
this discussion, Kotaka Takuro will introduce his recent activities during
his stay in Myanmar, which came about through his connections with Youkobo
and demonstrates the potential applications of a micro network.

During his time in Myanmar Kotaka joined the international performance
festival "Beyond Pressure" based in Yangon.

Myanmar has been held under strict military dictatorship, but in recent
months the country is seen to be opening up and drawing much anticipation of
political and social change. But what is the current daily condition? And
how do artists pursue their practice in such a context? Kotaka will share
his insights gained during his short stay in this country and comment upon
the differences encountered between Myanmar and Japan.

Beyond Pressure Festival for Performance Art 1st-10th December
Myanmar's acclaimed international art festival which every year brings
artists together from throughout Asia to perform in particular in public
spaces and share their various experiences and ideas. In this year's
festival, which marks Beyond Pressure's 4th anniversary, events not only
took place in Yangon but also extended to the cultural and artistic hub of

http://www.beyondpressure.org <http://www.beyondpressure.org/>