Youkobo Art Space from April 2023 

Youkobo Art Space [Japan]

2023.03.14 - 2023.04.30

Youkobo Art Space from April 2023

Youkobo Art Space will have three studios, each of which will begin operating independently. In addition, the residency program, which has continued for over 30 years, will cease for the time being.
We would like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to your continued patronage after the renewal.
Youkobo Co-Directors 
Hiroko Murata and Tatsuhiko Murata

Studio 1: 1st floor space (former Sutdio-3/Gallery)
Representative: Satoru Itazu
“Itazu Litho, after 30 years of collaborative printing with artists, will start a new co-op style lithography studio at Youkobo Art Space from April 2023. Artists will draw and print their own images with lithographic stones and aluminum plates.”

Studio-2: 2nd floor space (former Studio-2)
Representative: Ryunosuke Goji
“We are pleased to announce that we will be using a room at Youkobo, which has supported many artists over the years, as a joint studio with painter Shiori Higashiyama. We hope to use this space as a dynamic production location and as a platform for presenting our projects, occasionally creating a bustling and lively atmosphere.”

Studio 3: Annex 1F studio (former Studio-1)
Representative: Hiroko Murata
“From April, while working on my own studio, I would like to explore opportunities for collaborative activities with overseas creators.”

Please direct inquiries to the respective representatives.
Studio 1: Satoru Itazu:
Studio 2: Ryunosuke Goji:
Studio 3: Hiroko Murata:

Date 2023.03.14 - 2023.04.30
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Place youkobo art space