Lotte Dodion Haiku Work Shop

Lotte Dodion [Belgium]

2022.09.23 - 2022.09.23

A playful haiku workshop. It is a time for talk and encounters with Lotte-san, as artist and poetry from Belgian.
She will talk about "Studio Haiku", which began to produce haiku medals to match the number of gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, taking the opportunity of the Tokyo Olympics 2020, 100 years after the Olympic
Games in Antwerp, Belgium, where she works.
Afterwards, we’ll write haiku together, we’ll create personal haiku medals for ourselves or to reward someone we
care about.
No prior knowledge or experience is needed. The language will be in English.

Date 2022.09.23 - 2022.09.23
Time 15:00-1700
Place Building -1(1号館), Youkobo Art Space