TUA GAP unit prize

Kika Suzuki, Clinton Pang To, Liu Xindan [Japan, Hong Kong, China ]

2022.03.01 - 2022.03.22

As a unit award of the TUA GAP,
Three young artists will active for one month (on 1.March-31.March)and exhibiting the end of the month(on 23 March to 30 March.) at Youkobo. This program is the sixth year since the start with colaborated TUA and Youkobo.
Nozomi Suzuki (Japan), Clinton Pang (Hong Kong), and Xintan Liu (China) are participated who work together to produce and hold an exhibition.  ◆ Exhibition period: 23 March - 30, Open: 13:00-18:00

Date 2022.03.01 - 2022.03.22
Time Open from 13:00 to 16:00 during the exhibition period from March 23rd to 30th.
Place Building -1(1号館), Youkobo Art Space