Meeting and Greeting Like Shadows

Utako Shindo [Japan]

2021.01.15 - 2021.02.16

[Exhibition schedule has been decided]

・ Title : Meeting and Greeting Like Shadows
・ Period: February 17th (Wed.) -27th (Sat.)

Utako Shindo, who is working on her residency program, is in the midst of preparing for her exhibition. (The exhibition will be available to view on the exhibition special webpage - )
During her stay, she has been having a regular online conversation with (her friend and colleague) Linda Swanson, who is an Artist, Educator and Writer, Director of Forde Visser Archive. An online studio visit by Hanae Nakao, a curator of the Oyama City Kurumaya Museum of Art, is also scheduled.
(※ Photo taken during the zoom with Linda)

Date 2021.01.15 - 2021.02.16
Time 12:00-19:00
Place youkobo