Holograms, Feelings, and Portals: Deconstruction of Advertisements

Robin Birdd & Dominic Cheng [USA]

2020.02.19 - 2020.02.23

At Youkobo Art Space, Birdd and Cheng are working on a projection mapping and sculpture series called Holograms, Feelings, and Portals: Deconstruction of Advertisements. This project is a response to the escalation of digital advertisements and its impact on human society and our mental health. Birdd and Cheng reimagine a world where advertisements no longer catered towards capitalism but rather used to promote imagination, progress forward-thinking and engage in human feelings. By exploring the concept of “Wabi-Sabi”, consumerism culture, and science fiction, they aim to create new forms of advertisements that celebrate human imperfection and ads that embrace the way things are rather than products we don’t have.

Robin Birdd and Dominic Cheng are conceptual, installation, and new media artists based in Oakland, California, USA. Birdd and Cheng often collaborate on projects with their experiential design collective, MACRO WAVES.
Robin Birdd’s work utilizes make-belief, humor and, science fiction as vehicles to investigate and explore childhood memories associated with play, rebellion, and trauma. Her installations are object and digitally based, often referencing materials associated with consumerism, colonialism, internet culture, and its effects on human development.
Dominic Cheng’s work examines the ephemerality of urban places. By recontextualizing spatial landscapes, Dominic explores the impact of design on surveillance, social control, and resistance culture. His experiential installations integrate sculptural installations, new media projections, and visual design inspired by aspects of contemporary urbanism.

Date 2020.02.19 - 2020.02.23
Time 12:00-19:00 (last day till 17:00)
Place Studio-1
Website http://www.youkobo.co.jp/air/2020/01/robinbirdd.html


  • Reception : 22 February 18:00-20:00